Sizing guide

Sunglasses and optical spectacles come in different sizes, suitable for a wide variety of face shapes. If you look at the temples of a pair of glasses you own, you will probably notice two or three numbers.

The first (usually between 48 and 58) is the width of the lens in millimetres. The higher the number, the wider the lens.

The second (between 15 and 25) represents the distance between the two lenses.

The last one (between 135 and 150) indicates the length of the temples.

If you happen to wear glasses that do not sit well on your ears, you should aim for a temple measurement of at least 145 mm.

To obtain an accurate measurement, use a tape measure or flexible ruler. Measure the frame width, bridge and temple length as shown in the image below. Be sure to compare these measurements with the product specifications to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

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